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See, I Was Right

Updated: May 18, 2020

On April 27th, the "boxed in" newsletter I talked about the average tenure of a sales VP being seventeen months. Check it out under the "two cents" section if you missed it. On Friday Collin Cadmus former VP of Aircall was fired nineteen months into the role. Who's Collin, who's Aircall, why should I care?

Collin quickly became a very popular name on LinkedIn due to his no b.s. sales posts and extremely sensical/practical thoughts. His post on getting fired had over 1M+ views, 5,000+ likes, and 500+ comments. No one really heard of Aircall either until Collin (IMO).

None the less he was let go due to "redundancy." Long story short he was the only VP in an org of all regional GMs. Also, he did such a good job Aircall outgrew his level of experience and will bring in the next sales leader or whatever (prob. CRO). 

There will be all sorts of opinions on this one, I certainly have mine. The only point here to really make is companies must believe there are many (quantity) sales leaders who can elevate the quality of their sales machine. True or not, we can debate elsewhere, just expect whether you're doing a good (or bad) job in your role to not be in it for more than two years. 

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