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Quality > Quantity

If you read even 1% of the newsletter you'll know I'm in Florida at my inlaws, two things about that. First, FL really is theIDGAF state, maybe that's because their governor kisses Trump's ass on the regular. Could be how populous Florida became in such a short time. Second, the news we absorb and the generations we are from really do shine a light on our opinions and reactions. 

In the minority report there is a quote at the beginning of the movie "We don't choose the things we believe in; they choose us." I believe a lot of that has to do with the W. Clement Stone's quote "You are a product of your environment." 

We don't always agree on the varying topics during dinner, but if anything it's helped me understand new perspectives that I otherwise wasn't exposed to from my cohort of peers and fellow New Yorkers. I most certainly anted up on my healthy dose of skepticism. Take that for what you will.  

With all the news sources, opinions, generational differences, state procedures, whatever. One thing that will keep us all sane, let's focus on the quality, regardless of where it's coming from.  

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