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Patience Is A Virtue

If you can afford to, and you're not in a dire situation, maybe you shouldn't try interviewing right now and competing for a job. Bill, seriously? Just hear me out... First, mathematically speaking there are way more candidates than there are job openings. I'm not saying that's a reason not to try to find a new job, but what I am saying is you're more likely to find a job another way or at another time.  Applying, zoom interviewing, and candidate testing against hundreds of others, ehh.  Second, to the last point, you're not going to get the best shot at landing a job you could quite possibly be the best candidate for. Applicants are going to do anything and everything to get recruiters/hiring managers' attention. They'll take pay cuts, send fancy resumes to stand out, overqualified candidates will come out of the woodwork. You just won't get a proper review, IMO. Not to mention they're overwhelmed. Third, you and/or the company you're applying to just may not be suited to hire remotely. Let's face it most companies suck at onboarding under normal circumstances, never mind doing it virtually. You could get lucky and get a new job and quickly realize you took it for a paycheck, hate it, and now you're under more stress, especially in sales roles, you're always expected to start fast.  Great, so what do you suggest we do? It depends on your personal situation of course, but the following holds true for all scenarios. Maybe you double down on one or go 33/33/33. Either way: 

  • Be unconventional if you do want to still find a job. Stop searching and applying. Spend your energy brushing up on your interests and sharing your wisdom to stand out. Send a hiring manager or recruiter your blog post or webinar ideas. Become active in helping others through commenting on Linkedin spend less in seeking help for yourself. Your generosity will attract opportunities. 

  • Be frugal. You don't need your sports cable package or metro card. You don't need summer clothes, summer is dead  ;-(  Keep your burn low and remember the below. 

  • Be patient. Days feel like months and weeks feel like years right now. It's a mindf#@k, don't let your urgency for something new get in the way of waiting for something better. Be persistent in being consistent with the above. You'll soon realize focusing on these areas rather than when is this all going to end will lead you to, wow look what I've done given the time. 

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