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Last Dance

Last Dance ended last night. What's Last Dance? It's about the run Michael Jordan had up to his final season and the '98 NBA Championship Chicago Bulls. It also highlights the seasons prior and five rings before... and everything in between, Olympics, the murder of his father, sneaker culture, gambling, and antics of Dennis Rodman.  MJ to me is without question the greatest player in the NBA if not the greatest team athlete of all time. Now every generation has its NBA heroes, my dad its Bird/Magic, his dad it's Bill Russell, and all you young'ns its LeBum, I mean LeBron.  Outside of basketball, we have the Montanas, and Gretzkys, the Jeters, and Bradys. However, check out the graphic below, in championships to seasons ratio. Scottie's two accounts for one in which Jordan retired before coming back. Then the second one and Jordan's only no title were due to Jordan returning in March and not being in NBA shape/form. The NBA season starts in October and ends in June for the record. 

There will be a LeBron and Kobe documentary for sure. Both amazing athletes and top 10 players of all time (arguably). We have athletes like Deion, Bo, Ruth, Pele, Thorpe, and so on. No one touches Jordan. So even if you're not a basketball or sports person, not watching the greatness of MJ would be a shame. There may never be anyone like him again. 

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