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I Hate Boxes

Hopefully you read the Marc Andreesen op-ed from last Wednesday's edition and the saw the NYT piece/graphs from Friday's edition to follow me on today's current thoughts. It's also a continuation/highlight of a post in the #general slack channel two weeks ago about the social good you're not benefiting from.

The post I'm referencing in the slack channel is from Matthew Gault, a freelance journalist who wrote the piece for Vice"the people who are really bearing the economic brunt of this, people in their 20s and 30s, that generation has been bearing the brunt of a lot of stuff. They’re bearing the brunt of the student debt crisis. They’ve been bearing the brunt of tepid wage growth."

The reason why that is, IMO is mainly due to misinformation and accepting "the box," not Roddy Ricch. This is the go-to college, get good grades, and bam high paying job box. Let's face it, out of college you're scrambling to get your first real job. Without you knowing it you're more or less railroaded into accepting an "at-will" employment agreement with zero job security. Inside of that box you're put into the box of being an entry-level employee who's taught to roll over and accept executive bureaucracy. I love the box where my fate has been decided for me, and any/all decisions which directly affect your livelihood I have no part of.  

Then there's the equity box (my favorite) a faux replacement for a pension. Oh, and don't forget the loyalty box too, you'll need to stay four years for the full grant. Bet they didn't tell you about your equity ain't worth isht box too. Let's say by chance it is worth something, now you have the you can't afford it box, because you don't make enough to pay the taxes or money set aside to exercise in 90 days box! Wait, wait... then there's the starting to make some racks, and here comes the higher quotas and smaller territory box. Better shut up though, don't complain that it's getting harder because that doesn't fit the "culture" box. I mean, f#@k these boxes.

Once this is all over and we ALL get back to work, let's make each other a promise. Stop working for ishtty companies and CEOs that fire their workforce over a prerecorded Zoom. Don't be fooled working for tyrants disguised as "trailblazers". Stop forgoing salary for equity cause you're joining a "family" not a startup. Lastly, please start helping one another out and shove the millennialism stigma box in their face. I'm not a fool, I don't expect us to start building our own boxes, but at least let's resist the temptation of jumping back into the old ones that are not benefiting us long term. Regardless if you're still working or part of the 27 million-plus unemployed it's time to rewrite the social contract. You're paying for it after all. 

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