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Hakuna Matata

If you live under a rock and never saw Lion King, Hakuna Matata means no worries. So "no worries" about everything if you're being personally and financially responsible (I'm sure you all are, just adding that disclaimer). Employed, laid off doesn't matter go treat yourself with something nice or find a way to give your mind a break.

What do I mean?

First, financially responsible means you're not online shopping all day and making in-app purchases playing video games to kill time/make yourself distracted. It doesn't mean supporting small businesses by eating $30 doordash/seamless web orders for every meal either. 

Personally, means you're not roaming around densely populated neighborhoods because you're bored, nor visiting a rescue or Petco because you want a dog now. This also falls under financial too I guess. What this does mean, is that you're taking care of everything else in your life, eating good, getting exercise, reading, etc. Hakuna Matata about N95 mask shortages. 

Don't let the pandemic put you in a panic. Personally, I bought a drone. It gives me an afternoon activity, gets my mind off of things, plus it's fun. So ask yourself, what gets you out of the WFH routine, what can you learn outside of your work, and the things you already know how to do (like playing an instrument already, maybe you learn to produce)? 

Or what is something productive to put in a "no worries" mindset, like Marie Kondo'ing the isht out of your apartment? Even Simba had to deal with cleaning up Pride Rock after Scar turned it into a hyena ghetto. See, not all gentrification is bad. Hakuna Matata. 

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