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Double Don't

I'm seeing a lot of posts on LI about SDRs and AEs needing to double down and do more, the company is depending on you!

First off, don't do that. Don't stress yourself over things outside your control and especially if you're not feeling job security, to begin with. You doing twice the work shouldn't equate to job security either, don't get it confused. 

No one has any idea when this thing is going to be over and killing yourself so your manager/VP looks good on the company's Q2 (arbitrary) number is a fast track to burn out and disappointment. Side note, if quotas haven't been adjusted then you're already being set up for failure (unless you work at Zoom or Netflix). 

Instead, focus on all the things you haven't had the time to do. Update your deck, delete all the useless emails in your inbox (not this one!), clean up your folders, organize your bookmarks, run those CRM reports you've been meaning to build. And of course, keep prospecting, do your meetings, and go about business as usual. Just take a deep breath, Hanukah Matata. 

If anyone wants to do run through some ideation sessions and discuss their personal projects please spark the conversation in Slack or email us at info@icalliance.io

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