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Corona Angst

Is #quarantinelife starting to feel normal now?

It's been what five, six weeks or more for some of you? I'm reading everything from us all getting back to work a month from now, to Q4 at best (check out the COVID FAQ). Ok, so what does that mean? Are you going to work for one week on one week off, shifts? Will you be wearing a mask throughout the workday? Will we be in the office but not be in sitting next to each other?

I don't believe those who think they know have any idea. I'd also say I'm part of the cohort who isn't eager to go back to work even when our governors give the green light. Call me a snob, high maintenance, whatever I have no interest partaking in the daily inconveniences that will be rushed upon us for things to feel "normal" again. 

While I don't agree with his position on climate change, Bob Carter has a quote that best describes my sentiment for today's times. "poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine." Our "leaders" don't have a plan, and I'm not in a rush to fall in line because they've now decided we go through the motions. Besides, I'm not falling victim to coronavirus capitalism

If you're starting to feel some angst and want to join the herd (not to be confused with herd immunity) willing to (IMO) prematurely "get back to things," go for it, to each his own. Facing competition, losing your job, money, I get it. Just remember Steve Jobs quote, "details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right." Do you have all the details?

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