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CB Top 25 Sales Leaders

Ok, so I've been in sales for a little over 11 years and definitely have my opinions on sales "influencers," leadership, thought leaders... whatever. Why do I mention my background? Well because I've worked with a lot of sales talent, been part of a lot of sales trainings, and worked at enough companies to know who/what is ok, good, and great. So justifiably I say this list is just ok, definitely not a top 25 of leaders. 

The first thing that jumps out to me, This list appears to be more of a popularity contest than a comprehensive list of sales leaders. Sure they have a few that are funny, but not sure they're "sales leaders" (that's subjective of course). With that being said, I feel that they're missing quite a few sales leaders.

Second, (not to be a hater) the author is not really a seasoned salesperson. From what I can gather this is just her opinion, and not sourced by a crowd of professionals. Not sure if she alone is qualified to announce on Crunchbase her personal top 25.

Third and finally, (not a big deal) this list came out on May 14th. I would have thought a list like this would have come out in say January or February, not midyear. Unless it's like the all-star game and who has done the best up to this point. In that case, it still isn't a top 25.

Anyways, take a list like this with a grain of salt. Doesn't hurt to follow anyone who gives you value. I just believe there should be a disclaimer that this is an opinion of one person and not a list from thousands of sales professionals or a sales leader with over a decade of experience (like me ;-))

Also, begs the question, would you guys like to see a Top 25 list from ICA? 

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