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Be Long Term Greedy, Not Short Term.

It's been a month, literally and figuratively. Exactly a month today since my wife, then six-month old baby girl, and I drove down to Miami, FL from NYC. Last time I was in Florida this long was during college. We woke up super early the day after my birthday to avoid (what we now know) the laments of COVID19 city living.

I b#*@*ed and moaned about going. I didn't want to spend my birthday packing, I didn't want to do drive (what I thought would take us 3 days at least), and the thought of being at my in-laws for the foreseeable future instead of enjoying the comforts of my home, all gave me reservations. I was wrong on all fronts. 

It actually took us 20 hours stretched across two days, which I thought was record time given the amount of stops required for a baby (changing, feeding), never mind gas and food for ourselves which we aligned quite nicely with her schedule. I now have a pool, better weather, and five times the square footage. Plus some meals cooked for me albeit they come with political dinner conversations.

Which leads me to my point. Be long term greedy not short term. Let's connect on slack or over email if you want some ideas on what that means for you personally. 

You like me are also in the month zone of a new reality, after that there will be another new reality. As we enter each of these new segments, I for one will continue to remind myself to focus on how this benefits me long term and not pay too much attention to any temporary inconvenience.  

Change is inevitable, what we're experiencing is only a blip on the timeline of your life. I'm optimistic about the changes that should come from this. A lot of 'ish was f'ed up before this and in typical American fashion something should come from it. After the fact, hopefully. 

Also, my daughter is much happier... actually she has no idea what's going on, she's seven months old and sleeps half the day. God how I envy her #ignoranceisbliss

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