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I'll try to be brief, the debate on when to open back up the economy given the severity of COVID and the consequences it exposes from lack of preparation is a perfect analogy for another argument. Which is on vaccinations, and MMR in particular due to considerable amounts of parents stating it has resulted in their child becoming autistic within days after receiving the shot. Of course, the majority of parents have gone ahead with the MMR vaccine at the CDC recommended age without issue so inherently you get conflicting ideologies. 

A couple of points, I believe vaccinations are important, objectively we are now issuing them earlier than we have in the past, and in a practical sense they all don't make sense to be given at the CDCs recommend schedule. Same with how opening up the economy is critical, historically we've been more aggressive with our policies, and there's a lot of common sense missing. 

Personally I like to hedge my bets. What's the chances, what's the probability? Ok, let me weigh out the downsides and go from there. Depending on the importance scale I act quickly or take my time with it's conclusion. That being said, having thought about it the risk of having a child with permanent autism may be caused by a shot given prematurely, no thanks. Catching coronavirus and not only dealing with symptoms but other inconveniences because some capitalists decide the economy needs to reopen, also a no for me dog.  

I mentioned last newsletter (Wednesday) on why it's too early to go back to a manufactured "normal" and how I have no interest in participating in the many ridiculous proposed protocols. Whether you agree or disagree with my positions the truth is no one really knows. Also, isht like this is still happening due to lack of preparation. Will certain states open without issue, yes. Will others see consequences from loosening restrictions, I can't see how they wouldn't. 

I believe patience is a virtue and could never be more true today in a world of instant gratification, convenience, and haphazard measures. In many ways, isn't this what got us in this predicament to begin with?

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