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Attitude Reflects Leadership

If there is any good that comes from this whole COVID situation it's how we look at our "leaders" coming out of this. Hopefully, other things come out of it too like domestic-made PPE and a smidge more of bipartisanship, but I'm less optimistic. 

Leadership is defined as:

  1. the office or position of a leader  

  2. capacity to lead 

  3. the act or an instance of leading

We've seen plenty of #1 carried out as the end all be all, very limited #2, and depending on you define act and what instance we're talking about a very subjective #3 in the last 60-75 days.

I'm on record for saying most of our leaders suck and the reason why they are leaders has more to do with appointment over an election, inheritance over admiration, and nepotism over equal opportunity. 

I'm not an anarchist (least I don't think I am), but I am hoping to see a revolution of sorts. There's been a lot of talk about the "new world order" but I'm not sure if there is enough of an awareness about the land grab coming out of this. Ultimately who wins at that has a lot more to do with us deciding than what was previously believed.   

There's strength in numbers but only if those numbers are aligned. We've now have seen what we shouldn't want for the future leaders, now let's see if we can be smart in backing some new ones we deserve. Don't let us down! 

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