What is the Individual Contributors Alliance? 

The ICA is a think tank for revenue generating employees working in sales or sales support functions. The goal of the alliance is assist those who "keep the lights on" from being kept in the dark on the very things that effect their livelihood.  


How do I know if I should join? 

If you are not in a senior leadership position (VP or executive) and in a front office, client facing role, this is for you. Or in other words if your title has the words "sales", "business development" or something along those lines you can apply. 

Why is there an application process, how long does it take?

We screen applications to ensure the requirements of the alliance are met prior to anyone accessing member areas. Member pages contain sensitive materials and privileged information which is generated, promoted, and distributed by our community. Applications are typically approved same day pending no additional information is required and you meet the above guidelines. 


Are there membership fees? 

Eventually, yes... today, no. Fees/Dues will be required in order to maintain the hosting of the site and its content. To offset costs on maintenance and development of the community's material, and to ensure the integrity of the alliance and its members. 

What makes ICA different from other sales think tanks? 

ICA is the only community for individual contributors whereas other groups are specifically for professionals in sales operations, enablement, and leadership positions. 


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