How Do You Know? 

It all started with that question...

How do you know you're in position to hit quota, and that your OTE is legit

If marketing, product, customer success are all "clicking" in order for you to win?

How do you know if your compensation is market? If your commission percentage is relative to industry ACV?

How do you know you'll actually get promoted in the time you're told? Team headcount support that?

How do you know if/how you should exercise your equity? 

If you should switch companies/roles? Are you in a boiler room? 

Is it normal to have your commission delayed in being paid, clawed back?

These are just some of the many questions front line sellers face, usually alone or with little sound advice. 


Our community think tank offers best practices from understanding how you are measured to ensuring you're properly set up for success. The IC Alliance is here to answer your questions and enable sales best practices. 

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