A Think Tank 

for Individual Contributors

Navigating the startup ecosystem is hard enough...never mind when you're carrying a quota

The Individual Contributors Alliance (ICA) was formed to empower Sales Development & Business Development Reps, Account Executives, Renewal Managers, Partnership/Channel Sales and all other revenue generating professionals in the progression of their business acumen and career development.

The core advantages of our alliance are:



Members are prepared to understand all considerations of sales opportunities. Leverage P2P due diligence before accepting offers or getting bogged down in deals.


Salary, commission, equity aligned with the rest of the market. Understand ramp times, accelerators, MBOs, and all things tied to your OTE.

Safeguarding individual contributor's right to seek guidance, fully assess role requirements, maximize negotiating capabilities, and tap into a think tank of experienced sellers.

Playbooks, best practices, how-to's, tech hacks, crowdsourced ideas all driven by ICs such as yourself with different perspectives. 



the alliance supports members with:

Salary Comparison 

Equity Comparison

Equity / Exercise Advice

Interview Counseling

Severance Negotiation

Best Practices Wiki

Leadership Reviews 

Job Search Due Diligence

Job Offer Negotiation

Career Progression Mapping

P2P Deal Support/Chat

Tech Reviews/Tips


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